Why a Buyer’s Agent is So Important

If you are buying a house or any kind of real estate property, it is to your benefit to hire a buyer’s agent to represent you.  Many consumers, especially first time buyer’s, do not understand all the time, work and legalities that go into buying a piece of real estate.  It is true that in today’s high-tech world, buyers can find for sale homes very easily.  It is also true, that an experienced buyer’s agent will be able to find you more “qualified” properties faster, as well as be able to prepare all the legal contracts with much more ease.  The acquisition of real estate is not a one size fits all process and is notorious for its unforeseen complications.  These reasons are specifically why the real estate profession has evolved and why agents specialize in both seller and buyer transactions.  Here are just some of the reasons why hiring a buyer’s agent is a smart move:


First and foremost, the seller has an agent who represents them, so why wouldn’t you want someone representing you as well? Think about it, you would never go into a boxing ring without your trainer in your corner and the same should be true for a real estate transaction.  Since it is in the interest of the seller’s agent to make the best deal they can in favor of their client, that is usually their main objective.  They buyer’s agents main objective is to oversee your best interest, which means they will negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible deal for you.  


Next, the negotiating skills experienced buyer’s and seller’s agents have are usually not possessed by your average person.  Taking on a tough negotiation with a seller’s agent without an equal level of experience is like a ballerina going up against a linebacker!  Buyer’s agents can fairly represent your interest while not divulging your entire hand.  Say for instance you are qualified for a loan that exceeds the asking price.  Although you love the home, you feel that it is a bit overpriced and you want to make an offer that is less.  A buyer’s agent serves as a buffer that will present your offer, but not exactly convey the extent of your interest or financial reach.

Lastly, the process of contract writing is something that only a professional should do.  Since we are usually talking about large sums of money, making sure your real estate contract is prepared correctly is a must.  In addition, real estate contracts are time sensitive, which means certain items will not wait until you get home from work to complete.  Likewise, the slightest contract detail if not prepared appropriately, can cause the whole deal to fall through without notice.

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