Transforming the Extra Room into Livable Space

We came across this blog over the weekend and thought we would share it here for you.  Some great ideas for that extra room you are just using for storage now…

Make the Most of the Spare Room

Gone are the days of spare rooms being glorified storage containers, welcome to the world of actually using all of the rooms in your home! We’ve put together a list of the most effective ways to bring your spare room to life, as well as a few tips and tricks to make it as easy as possible.

The Contemporary Home Office

If you work from home, there are two simple things you need to concentrate on in order to create the perfect home office: separating work life from family/social life, and creating a relaxing, stress-free environment. If you’re going to do something, do it properly!

Being your own boss can be stressful enough, so you need to be in an environment which will keep you calm, focused and motivated. One of the main ways to achieve this kind of atmosphere is with the correct use of contemporary storage furniture. Removing, or should I say hiding, clutter is conducive to a pleasant and spacious workplace. Instead of unsightly metal filing cabinets, use a solid oak sideboard or wardrobe.  The added aesthetics of light oak will help to create a tranquil contemporary environment.

If you have the space, it’s also a good idea to add a sofa or comfortable armchair which is separate to your workspace. Why not just go to the living room and have a cup of coffee there? Separating work and home life is important, and a comfortable area in your office will enable you to analyse and ponder the day’s work, without mixing it with your personal life.

The Reflective Dressing Room

Dressing rooms are something to aspire to, whether you are male or female. A large part of the reason a dressing room is such a good idea is that it will also improve the look of your bedroom.

It’s nice to have a specific room with full length mirrors to tell you just how fabulous you look, that’s a given! Moving clothes storage from your bedroom to your spare room will suddenly give you a more spacious bedroom. The bedroom should be the single most relaxing room in the home, and the atmosphere will really benefit from the added space. Your dressing room will also provide a home for all those accessories which put themselves in random locations around the house, and seemingly find their way onto every surface in the home!

The Guest Bedroom Sanctuary

Although it’s normal to use a spare room as a guest bedroom, it actually provides less day-to-day benefits. If you think about it, why have one specific bedroom dedicated to guests which gets slept in only for maybe 10 nights a year, and sits unused for the other 355?

If, however, you are a serial host then you must have the perfect guest quarters. If somebody comes to stay with you, it is often the case that they have come to relax. In any case, bedrooms should be a soothing environment, so that’s priority number one. Nobody wants to have to cope with sleeping in a room full of all your old CD’s which you’ve been promising yourself you’ll convert to your MP3 player. If your spare bedroom represents a dumping ground for unwanted things, it will feel far from welcoming. If you really are going to burn those CD’s on to your computer, something like an ottoman bed is a great way to hide them away. If, as I suspect, you will never get round to this, get rid!

Source:Totally Home Improvement