Tips for Keeping Your Shrubs and Trees Looking Beautiful


A well maintained home is always more appealing to the prospective buyer. This applies as much to your yard as it does to your kitchen.  To keep your shrubbery looking its best, a little pruning and trimming might be in order. Read on for some helpful tips.


Pruning your bushes and trees is the best way to keep them healthy and to promote growth. In fact, the act of pruning has even become an art form in some cultures as well as a landscaping technique. When you trim your plants, bushes and trees you should really take into consideration what specific species of plant you are dealing with before hacking away at it. There is a certain amount of knowledge that one should have as well, before your first cut is made.

Depending on what you are dealing with, like rose bushes, an overgrown tree, or hedges, you may need different tools to get the job done correctly, otherwise a good pair of loppers will usually be just fine. We suggest researching the plant and fully examining it starting from the top down. You will want to keep healthy canes and stems and remove ones that are discolored, broken or flimsy. Some plants will thrive better only when they have a certain amount of canes and branches, which is how you will begin to determine what to keep and what to cut.

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