Has Your Curb Appeal Dried Up?

What does your yard say about your home?  Does it look healthy, green and well trimmed, or is there just a brown, crispy carpet where your lawn once was?  This is the first impression buyers have when they view your property.  If your yard looks poorly maintained, what might a buyer assume about the rest of the property? Curb appeal is an important element in the successful marketing of your residential property. Read on for some tips on how to care for a scorched lawn…


So if you are like me, you have recently noticed (I’m talking like in the last week) that your lawn has changed from a lush green to a hay straw brown! Even after all the talk about how dry everything has been, I just assumed the lawn got enough rain a few weeks ago, and did not notice the gradual change. So what do I do now? Well, I need to get out there and start properly caring for my lawn before it gets worse and moves into the land of no return. The information I am presenting was collected from several of the top lawn care websites as well as local professionals. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, just walk into your local home improvement or garden care store, the associates there should be able to help.For more information read the full blog at: http://www.automatedhomefinder.com/blog/caring-for-your-scorched-lawn.html