Realtor Lenny Maiocco Educates Property Owners on Property Management

Lenny Maiocco, founder of Properties Plus, lists the top three tips regarding the benefits of using a property management company.

There are many reasons property owners hire property management companies, not least of which is it results in less stress and more freedom for the property owner. “Property management companies also attract higher-quality tenants than private owners because they know that the property is being handled professionally,” said RE/MAX Alliance Realtor and founder of Properties Plus Lenny Maiocco. “These tenants pay on time, turn over less and cause less issues.”

For property owners considering a property management company, Maiocco lists the following three benefits:

No. 1: Handling of stressful situations. “Property management companies screen tenants and handle evictions, inspections, security deposits and lease terminations that can sometimes lead to legal issues when handled by private owners,” said Maiocco. “They also ensure on-time rent collection and appropriate procedures when things do not go as planned, which can help a property owner maintain consistent cash flow.”

No. 2: Less vacancy. The services of a property management company are known to result in less vacancy for the owner. They can also equal more income, accurate rental rates that are aligned with the market and effective, timely marketing that is squarely focused on filling the property quickly and efficiently.

No. 3: Help with taxes. “Using a property manager can also help you be organized at tax time because they issue 1098 forms and can help you understand your annual income on the property,” concluded Maiocco.

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