Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers (AND Increase the Value!)

Are you thinking about putting your house on the market?  If so, we certainly hope you call The Maiocco Group to help you!  There are many things you can do to get a home show-ready.  Here are just a few to consider …

Selling Your House? 5 Surprising Ways to Increase your Home Value

There are lots of different reasons for selling your house. It could be a bigger paycheck or a bigger family. But whatever the reason, you still want to get top dollar for it, and there are a few ways you can boost the price tag before you list.

The standard tactics include cleaning and painting or updating the kitchen and bathroom. But there are other overlooked improvements that can more than pay for themselves when your house goes on the market. Here are a few examples.

Make a Grand Entrance

One of the first things people see when they look at your house is the front door. If the current door is in good shape, give it a coat of paint or stain to spruce up its looks. If it’s getting pretty rough, replace it.  Whether it’s new or old, there are a few additions that make any door stand out. Wrought iron grill work and a brass door knocker are good bets. One thing you’ll find both handy and visually appealing is a kick plate to guard against occasional run-ins with shoes.

Hide your Dirty Laundry

One room that’s often not considered for improvements is the laundry room. But you spend a lot of time in your laundry room, and it definitely gets a workout. That’s why it should be updated like any other room.  The best renovations are ones that make laundry rooms more convenient and functional. If it’s possible, relocate it from the basement to the main floor. Barring this, add a laundry chute to reduce transportation time. Also consider installing shelves or aesthetic elements like curtains or a new coat of paint.

Get Wired Up

Most people spend a lot of their time at home using their entertainment equipment, from computers to TVs to gaming consoles, and it’s a must to have the whole house wired to handle it. Internet service with fast speeds and lots of bandwidth should be a priority.  While most homes are set up for standard cable, you can increase your home’s value by thousands by adding fiber optic TV and Internet. The companies with the largest fiber footprint are Verizon FiOS, Google Fiber, and AT&T Uverse, so check for serviceability in your town.

Expand the View

If the living room has a flat window, replace it with a bay window. Bay windows have several advantages. They make rooms look bigger, and they also provide a better view of the outside while letting in more light. Just notice how many homes already have them.

Water, Water Everywhere

Not everyone’s thrilled about flowers and shrubs, but nearly everybody enjoys a lush spread of turf. Even in areas with adequate rain, more water means greener grass. According to LifeHacker, putting in an automatic sprinkler system can hydrate your lawn with minimal time and effort.

Outdoor Living

Creating the appearance of more living space is always a big seller. An affordable way to do this? Adding a deck. According to HGTV, adding a deck to your home can bring you a 76% return on investment when it’s time to sell.  The warmer the climate, the more attractive outdoor spaces become to potential buyers. Consider a pressure-treated wood deck, which will stand up better against environmental changes and can last for more than a decade without additional treatment.

Source: AmeriFirst Home Mortgage